The Grooms of Stool

In modern times, many people are interested in the daily lives of the royal family and like to discuss the latest scandal or the newest marriage. The interest in royalty dates back hundreds of years. In the past though, the interest was much more profound, and the royals were revered. Some of the interest may … Continue reading The Grooms of Stool


The Tamam Shud Case

On an Australian beach, on December 1st of 1948, a body was found. This incident would turn out to be one of the biggest mysteries the world has ever seen. Who was this man? How did he die? Why was he on the beach? None of these questions have been answered, although many have tried. … Continue reading The Tamam Shud Case

Dyatlov Pass

Russia is known for its freezing cold winters and its many mountains, so its no surprise that skiers are abundant in the icy country. However, not all skiers come back alive, and not all deaths can be explained. In 1959, nine hikers went up the Ural Mountains. None of them came down alive. To this … Continue reading Dyatlov Pass

Body Farms

Have you ever heard of a body farm? If not, you’re probably imagining a large stretch of land with corpses strewn across it, hoarded by some evil overlord. If you are, you’re not that far off! Although there is no evil overlord, a body farm is in fact, a large piece of land (sometimes several … Continue reading Body Farms